Real-time reporting Dashboards,
made easy to setup and access

At a glance

Real-time Reporting

Make Real-time reporting easy to setup, read and widely accessible.

Engaged Workforce

Surround yourself with a happier & more engaged workforce.

Enhanced Analytics

View important statistics at a glance in vibrant & meaningful visualizations

Web Based

A fully web-based solution for calculating & displaying real-time data on large screens in contact centers (wallboards) and also directly on computer screens of supervisors and even on mobile devices of executives (dashboards).

Simple & Clear

Live UCX gives simple and clear data visualizations allowing you to leverage teams, manage queues more effectively

Key features

Extended Visualizations

Use different visualizations to show:

  • Metrics
  • Graphs
  • Pie Charts
  • Gauges
  • Heat Maps
  • Tables
  • Panels

You can also include maps, banners,

pictures, YouTube videos, & weather

information (current or forecast).

Unified Layouts

Create layouts that do not only contain call center metrics, but also present business data from any :

  • Azure Monitor
  • Graphite
  • InfluxDB
  • Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)
  • MySQL
  • Open TSDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Prometheus
  • Simple Json


Visual, Audio, SMS and Email Alerts.


Users can set dynamic conditions and LiveUCX will automatically notify the recipients of each rule if the conditions are met.


This can be based on a number of conditions like duration for breaks or notifying them when their average handle time is longer than the acceptable duration.


Visual alerts (color changes, blinking), audible alerts (one-time, repetitive)

Internet Accessibility

Web Based Interface Accessible on the Internet from Anywhere No More Enablement of Unicast & Multicast rules on the Firewalls

Mobile Friendly

On the go analytics

LiveUCX Dashboards are web-based & built with a purpose driven responsive design. This allows for seamless viewing from any device.

Flexible Permissions

With permissions per agent, team leaders and supervisors, helps to monitor call volumes, que information and agent-states on demand.

On Demand Real-time Updates

The real-time updates only happen when you need them, off-screen it generates no overhead of battery or data on your devices.


Deployment Process

1. Collect Information

Our expert engineers will provide simple guides to create the necessary users in the AACC Platform to enable integration with the LiveUCX Connector

2. Install Connector

LiveUCX team will install the connector on a windows machine available on the same multicast network provided

3. Design Work Flows

Make Real-time reporting easy to setup, read and widely accessible.

Cloud Based Pricing Model


800 USD / Month

  • Real Time Agent Data for Up to 50 Agents
  • Skillset\Queue Real Time Data for Up to 20 Skills\Queues
  • Charts, Gauges Tables
  • Data Export Option
  • Versioning of Dashboards
  • Multiple Interval Availability
  • Mobile Version Available
  • SSL Secured


1200 USD / Month

  • All Basic Features +
  • Email Integration
  • Single Sign ON
  • Alerting
  • 30 Days Data Retention
  • External News Feeds
  • External Video Feeds


1600 USD / Month

  • All Advanced Features +
  • API Enabled Extraction
  • Custom Data Sources
  • 90 Days Data Retention
  • Embedded Dashboards

*For On-Premises solutions, please contact us

Out of the box

Get insights into your contact center right away rather than waiting for weeks or even months for custom development.
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You are at the wheel

We at LiveUCX listen and update product roadmaps based on feedback from our customers, resellers, and prospects. If we currently do not offer a feature that would help your contact center, please let us know!

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