How we add value to CXOne Realtime Reporting

LiveUCX provides Dynamic Realtime dashboard application for your Contact Centre. Using these dashboards view your Contact Centre statistics at a glance in vibrant & meaningful visualizations.

The application developed by LiveUCX Dashboard integrates seamlessly to your contact centre that will extract real time statistics including agent, queue and contact stats and displays them in visually enhanced controls like Gauges, Pie Charts, graphs and charting.
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Key features

Additional Visualizations

LiveUCX allows additional controls for visualizations like Heatmaps, waterfall charts, Gauges etc. From a repository of more than 20 charting tools

Transform & Calculate

LiveUCX Dashboards allows the user to transform the data like split, contact , lookup , merge. Up to 20 plus advanced transformations available.

Custom Thresholds & Alerting

Users can customize their own calculations like SLA on Runtime, set custom color scheme for different values and send alerts for different channels like email, SMS, Teams and Slack

Playlists & Public Sharing

LiveUCX allows to make a particular dashboard public, so no user authentication is required for specific dashboards. Additionally you can use rotations of multiple dashboards with custom time limits for displays on TV's and Kiosks

Adding Images to Statuses

Custom images can easily be added for values on the status columns, e.g. Agent Availability. Agent snapshots can be added as well.

Flexible Canvas & Responsive View

LiveUCX Dashboards are web-based & built with a purpose driven responsive design. This allows for seamless viewing from any device. The main canvas is very flexible to allow for easy customization of the overall view

Video, RSS & External Feeds

The application allows for video feeds and RSS widgets to be added to any view. Is also compatible with external feeds from CRMs, Databases and various webservices so users can view the whole analysis on a single page

Historical Data Analysis

LiveUCX allows for historical data to be imported from CXOne for intervals, and allows all historical feeds to be captured and grouped using custom Data filters like agent-groups/skillsets for users to do their own historical analysis.


LiveUCX allows to sort and limit rows in a Table to allow gamification of the Stats


The System allows the versioning of the dashboards as well.

Real-time Agent Information & Floor Mapping

Floor Map Overview

Quickly gloss over your current call center state with short easy to understand descriptors and color coding. Include floor plans of contact centers

Detailed Insights

Get detailed information such as time and reasons for agent states

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